Affordable luxury

Meeting the designer. Preparation. Part1.

Do your homework, honey.
It will make things faster, easier and way cheaper, as many designers have an hourly rate.
As you see, it’s not the time to be spontaneous.tumblr_mztdo9mxyl1tq4j2ro1_500 Continue reading “Meeting the designer. Preparation. Part1.”

Scenario based lighting.

*inspirations taken from my recent project.

The key for a balanced lighting project is scenario based thinking.
It must reflect your daily routine.
Where do you go. What do you do. What do you like.
So let’s have a look.

Interiortastic lighting plan Continue reading “Scenario based lighting.”

Rain is coming.

Don’t you rain on my parade.
rain is coming @interiortasticIt somehow came off as a neat lofty space.
That’s my kind of rain season.

Hide the swimming gear and curl into something loose.
Sit back and relax.
Let’s brake it down and see what we’re dealing with. Continue reading “Rain is coming.”

All pink everything, honey.

Eventually life gets to the point where you want all pink everything.
Well. Obviously.

The most important thing is:
Colors do not need to be exactly the same or even alike.
And the secret to getting color scheme right every single time is:
distance yourself and look at the big picture.
If it looks fab – you’ve nailed it.
If not – just edit.
Mix and match different textures, patterns, raw materials and your favorite colors together.

Just be absolutely sure they

a l l
( a n d  I  c a n ‘ t  s t r e s s   t h i s  e n o u g h )
a l l

look great together.

That’s it.


All pink with raw concrete. Sooo interiortastic.

Continue reading “All pink everything, honey.”

Lighting. Part II. The very best.


As you see it is a top views of previous living room. But better.
And not only because it has a dog in it.
So let’s play.
Starting point

Scenario based lighting.
Scenario I.
So maybe you read a lot. Or just want to do your evening meditations. It’s getting dark. You curl up on a coach with a fine glass of wine or cacao. Nobody judges. You turn the light music on. You need some light. Continue reading “Lighting. Part II. The very best.”

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