School yard.

The site is located on the bank of the river Neris and residential areas. The area is densely forested and this aspect has become the core factor of the project design.
The shape of the building resembles the top view of the tree, therefore it smoothly incorporates into the landscape.plans

Main entrance.

Facade design is also inspired by the movement of the tree leaves, that react to the sunlight and direct themselves accordingly. The vertical louvers also have this ability to adjust and are controlled ether centrally or manually by the teachers in the classrooms. The most important light source of the main connecting area in the middle of the building is the cross-like skylight. It is also repeated in the ceiling of the ground floor to ensure the adequate lighting of this floor as well.
All the regular primary school classrooms are located in the ground floor, as well as the canteen, sports hall and headmaster’s office. The additional classrooms, teachers’ area, nurse office, open library and after-school classes are situated in the first floor.

Yellow space marker.

Addition of colorful markers scheme

Children often find themselves alienated at school. They have a
fundamental urge to belong and be recognized by others.
Therefore I have created a simple design solution to solve the lost identity problem. By simply adding differently colored space markers to the each grade unit both inside and out, the common feature is created.
It not only helps for orientation in the building, but also gives children a chance to identify themselves as part of their school family and gives the sense of belonging.

Classromm design.