You’re all freaked out, tryin’ to catch your breath. Lingering for a cigarette, that you haven’t had in what? 6 years?
Believe you me, I’m always on the verge of taking just one.
Student. Once again.

Have just started my Design MA at Copenhagen Royal Academy of Arts.
Which feels like ages.
As long as you keep your timing and more importantly expectations on track, you’ll thrive.
At least you’ll survive. Keep telling it to yourself until you believe it.
Just kiddin’.
It really works.

It’s all a natural part of creative’s live. You absolutely need to get it out of your system: all anxieties, passions, inner disputes. Ironically, these are the worst, thus  the only ones that actually get you to the weirdest unexplored corners of the brain.


Magic happens.

I know I know, every creative is very special and has an absolutely unique approach to the designing process.
(Keep reading if you know what works for me)

It’s all about researching the hell out of the subject, trying everything out, mixing and matching creepy ideas, fighting all the inner batles, quieting deamons that keep telling “it’s all shit”.
Finally, editing to get the purest vision.
Not letting my feelings blind my critical eye.
Through all, patiently waiting for that glorious rush of inspiration.

Just. Taking that leap*.

*You have to learn to trust your guts.
It’s amazing how intuition can actually get you on the right track.
There is a direct gut-brain connection, so maybe every butterfly that is released, may signal you something important, your consciousness refuses to admit.

To be honest, most of the time I have no idea what I’m doing. Forced to start with a clean canvas in the head.
Over and over again.

But nuff about me.
Just hope wherewer you are, you’re having the time of your life too.



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