Having trouble deciding  which mirror will tell you the truth? 
Let's be honest. You'll look fabulous in all of them. 
The Next Big Question Is: 
Which one is the low maintainance one and has the looks? 
This one is a thinker. 
Let's break this down, shall we?


 Perfectly cool and timeless. Check. 
Gets no splash from the sink, ergo low maintenance. Check.
SO, if it speaks to you, choose it, style it up and enjoy the view.

interiortastic_mirror mirror

round up
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What. A. Beauty. 
Honestly, even though it is the most sleek contemporary option, 
it comes with a price. 
Surprise surprise. 
If you'll want to maintain this pretty picture and 
make sure your OCD is in tact, you'll have to 
clean it after every single handwash. 
Because believe you me, that water splash staining is a bitch.
To sum up: modern and elegant. Check.
Low maintenance. Most def cross. 

interiortastic mirror no

square down all the way
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Back to the safe zone.
I mean low maintenance. 
Safe is not always the best option for most.
Just if you're as lazy as I am.
Minimal and elegant look with enough hiding space.
To sum up: minimal, practical and pretty. Check.
Low maintenance. Check.

interiortastic woop

shelve up
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Choose wisely. Make sure the choice you love won’t become
a pain in your behind.