Long time no see!

Spring is here. Let’s get down and dirty, guys.
The long forgotten balcony time is just around the corner.
Let’s get ready, make that private jungle of yours pop.
Lush. It. Up.

While I’m absolutely sure you have the best taste in choosing plants for your heavenly balcony jungle, I want to save you some time with a 3 easy arrangement clues.
Almost too easy.

Clue No1:  HEIGHT

When you’re choosing the right plants, mind the fact that plants keep growing, so don’t forget to check their growth height on the label.
Which leads us to the next clue, that is…

Clue No2:  SHAPE

Think of the final composition shape that you are going for.
The Mountain / plunge / mountain-to-the-plunge.

(scroll down for illustrations)


Check the orientation of your balcony and mind the amount of sunshine which it gets. Choose your plants accordinly.

Jeeez that was easy, wasn’t it??
So, you just need to have a vision for your balcony garden’s final shape and always always check plant labels.

Wanna see what it all looks like in my head??? Hop in!

Lush over the top jungle with pops of color.
Lush, loud and and super easy to take care of. They even bloom!
Not only they will look and smell amazing, but are also a vitamine boost for your salad!
Is it your new summer aroma?

adventureI see myself as a very moderate gardener and I’m only capable of mainating a few not plants that hopefully don’t require a lot attention. So I always try to few plants that really pop and try to keep them well and alive.
What about you? Are you a garden geek? Or are only able to keep a few plants alive as I am?