Do your homework, honey.
It will make things faster, easier and way cheaper, as many designers have an hourly rate.
As you see, it’s not the time to be spontaneous.tumblr_mztdo9mxyl1tq4j2ro1_500

All kidding aside, the preparation starts way before the big meeting.
‘Cause surprise surprise, you’ll need to find The Right Designer first.
Sooo, be a nice stalker and use all you tricks to find your love and then, as usual, dig all the dirt.
Just kidding. Or do I.

Step 1. Finding Yours truly.
Of course, I mean right for you. As usual.
Find your perfect match. Just go with your guts.
Well, you know what they say, everybody has their better half, huh?
Find someone who you could potentially click with and land that date.
I mean meeting.


Step 2. Good job. Congratulations, you’ve found The One.
What’s next you may wonder.
Well, the next step is my favorite.
It’s really great.
Yes, you’re absolutely right. Defining your look.
Pinterest, Archdaily, DezeenDesignboom and everything in between.
Knock yourself out. Save top picks and take them with you.


Step 3. Do The Test.
(Which will show up in Preparation.Part 2. next week.)

As you see, it’s an easy three step program:

1. Fall in love.
2. Find yourself.
3. Do the test.

Story of my life.

Let’s catch up in a week!


Sooo Interiortastic.