*inspirations taken from my recent project.

The key for a balanced lighting project is scenario based thinking.
It must reflect your daily routine.
Where do you go. What do you do. What do you like.
So let’s have a look.

Interiortastic lighting planEven though it’s a common space, it has few functions that urge for different approach. Furthermore, think of those personal likes and needs of yours. You need to own the space.
So what you need here is lighting options.

The main areas that you must concentrate on are the following:

  1. Dining area.
    interiortastic dining areaYou need it quite bright in here.
    Here you can see the shiny copper Tom Dixon’s Melts click here to meet them. Take a bunch of them in different sizes and hang them in various heights. Totally contemporary. Really really packs a punch.

2. Lounge area.
interiortastic lounge areaThe Tom Dixon’s story continues.
If you wish. I know I do. Considering the moderate size of the whole area, using the same suspense light fixtures is my go to plan. At least in this case.
Different angles and heights again, baby. Wondering what’s that grey dashed line all about? It shows the hidden LED string light along the room. Most def controlled with a dimmer. 

  1. Cooking area.
    interiortastic cooking areaOr in many cases surgery. Just kidding.
    But seriously, sufficient lighting is sooo important here. Let’s have a look.
    Hidden LED strings under the hanging cupboards to light up the food preparation area.
    Few ceiling lights for the common light(white fat dots  in the picture above).
    Note that most of hoods come with the integrated light. In this very case it’s enough for the kitchen island combining the ceiling lights and the additional light of the LED string that goes along the room.

Well there you go. Wasn’t so hard, was it?
Wanna see what happens when we turn those babies on? Let’s talk options.

interiortastic dining lighting scenario
Dinner scenario. What’s on: dining zone lights and hidden LED string.
You have well lighted dining table and soft dim light of the LED string.

interiortastic bar lighting scenario
Dinner at the kitchen island scenario. What’s on: hood light and hidden LED string.
In this case the island area gets all the light from the hood and just a tad of LED does the trick.

interiortastic cooking lighting scenario
Cooking scenario. What’s on: hood light and hidden LED under the cupboards, ceiling fixtures.
Have it bright in the food preparation zone using the LED under the cupboards.
Add ceiling lights for the common lighting. Last but not least turn the hood lighting on. That’s all it takes.

interiortastic party lighting scenarioParty scenario. See what I did there with the wall fixture? What’s on: dining zone lights, lounge zone lights, wall fixture and hidden LED string.
Turn the dining table are and the lounge area lighting on, add some dimmed LED. Care for a smoke or a stroll in the terrace? Turn the lights there on too.

interiortastic movie night lighting scenarioMovie night scenario. See what I did there with the wall fixture? What’s on: wall fixture and hidden LED string(dimmed down).
Perfect lighting for old movies and popcorn sounds just about right. Turn the wall lamp on, add hidden LED and dim it down. Here you go. All set up.

interiortastic late night cleaning lighting scenarioLate night cleaning scenario. All lights on. Yes, even in the terrace.
Shine bright like a diamond with that vacuum cleaner of yours. At least you can spot the dust.

So guys, that’s it. My recent project.

Wanna see the very worst of lighting? Just click here.
Or do you prefer the best? Click here and have a look.

Lamps used in the schemes:
For the Tom Dixon’s Melt click here,
for the wall light fixtures Artemide’s black Talo click here,
for the ceiling lamps something like Flos’ USO BOOB click here.

More scenarios and rooms are coming soon.


Sooo Interiortastic.