Don’t you rain on my parade.
rain is coming @interiortasticIt somehow came off as a neat lofty space.
That’s my kind of rain season.

Hide the swimming gear and curl into something loose.
Sit back and relax.
Let’s brake it down and see what we’re dealing with.

1. Accompany the sweet sweet sound of rain with your fav music. Don’t sacrifice quality over the design and the other way around.
Bang&Olufsen came up with this wonderful Beoplay A9 that combines kickass sound and style. This statement peace has slick design topped with “Smoked Oak” 60s inspired legs. And it looks fab 360°. Click here and see it for yourself.

2. Add some serious lounge furniture and catch up with your reading.
I know I will.
I present you the ultimate autumn relaxing chair.
Meet Ligne-Roset’s Togo. It has timeless design which looks so darn modern. You wouldn’t believe it was launched 40 years ago by designer Michel Ducaroy. Click here for the details.

3. Lighting lighting lighting.
Cover all the surfaces with candles. Add few contemporary statement fixtures. I just can’t get enough of Silo floor lamp of Zero designed by Note Design studio. I would click here if I were you.
Surprise surprise drum roll for the one and only Flos pendant IC Lights S by Michal Anastassiades. Gold and white perfection.
Click here if you crave for more.

4. Keep it natural.
Need a pace to put your reading stuff on? Choose some natural warm materials like wood or stone. Something like Drip Oak side table by Bernhard Müller which goes perfectly with Beoplay A9. Click here to meet the Drip.

5. Styling.
Add some finishing touches.
First of all, get a black and white dog and style it with loads of love and a fine merino blanket. That would definitely help to survive the dark season.
I admit I have fallen in love with MOOOI’s designs. Look at that crazy cool high-end Scribble Greyby carpet by Swedish design group Front.
See the odd-shaped design for yourself click here.
Frame your best summer memories in a black&white manner, add some maps to the mix. Which is so now.
Actually, don’t even bother to put them on the wall.
At least not all of them.
Let the pictures breathe.
Don’t overcomplicate the frame design.

That’s all folks.
It’s sooo Interiortastic.

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