Eventually life gets to the point where you want all pink everything.
Well. Obviously.

The most important thing is:
Colors do not need to be exactly the same or even alike.
And the secret to getting color scheme right every single time is:
distance yourself and look at the big picture.
If it looks fab – you’ve nailed it.
If not – just edit.
Mix and match different textures, patterns, raw materials and your favorite colors together.

Just be absolutely sure they

a l l
( a n d  I  c a n ‘ t  s t r e s s   t h i s  e n o u g h )
a l l

look great together.

That’s it.


All pink with raw concrete. Sooo interiortastic.

But you just can’t turn your home into the candy store right away.
Take a deep breatheclose your eyes and imagine your room/home as planes of color.
Slit your eyes and you will even see the main color of any pattern.
Now be honest to yourself about what you saw.

Does it already have more than 5 huge splashes of color?
Do they tire you?
Are humble and beige?
Does your room look plain?
Does it really really begs for another splash of color, let alone pink?
How soon the pink fairy will leave you wandering what a hell wen wrong on the top of marshmallow pile of pink?


Let’s sum up the answers.
If the answer is
hell no.
Well, good job. Honestly. See you at the next posts.
If the answer is
maybe just a little bit.
In that case, just some cool pink accessories will do. Don’t splurge.
And my oh my if the answer is
yes, yes please!
I’ve got something extra nice with sugar and spice for you.
As you know, pink color is loud. So, for the sake of your sanity, be very careful with it.
For some people though, the more pink, the better.
Sooo experiment.
It’s your home.
It must be to your liking.

W a r n i n g:

t h e  f o l l o w i n g  m o o d b o a r d  c o n t a i n s
e n o r m o u s  a m o u n t s o f  p i n k.

Cotton candy. Sooo interiortastic, honey.

T h i n k    a b o u t   t h e   b a l a n c e  a n d  d i s c i p l i n e  y o u r  
i n n e r    p r i n c e s s

all pink everything honey
Told you so.
That. Was. Sooo.

So let’s talk about those pink objects of yours.
As you see, pink madness could be controlled by adding some darker tones, metals and/or fresh unexpected colors. The scene above looks loud, but in fact, there are only 4 color tones: pink, black, brass and green.

If you just love love love the pic and need to see what’s what,

click here to see the lovely Foscarini’s brass IC LIGHTS F floor lamp by Michael Anastassiades,
click here 
for  sweet pink Ligne Roset’s PLUMY armchair,
click here 
if you fell in love with that cute brass side table of e15  called HABIBI by Philipp Mainzer,
click here for that fantastic Decolorized green designer rug by GOLRAN 1898.
Sad news if you can’t get enough of those lips. They belong to your’s truly.

Simply interiortastic.
Cin cin.
Bottoms up.