As you see it is a top views of previous living room. But better.
And not only because it has a dog in it.
So let’s play.
Starting point

Scenario based lighting.
Scenario I.
So maybe you read a lot. Or just want to do your evening meditations. It’s getting dark. You curl up on a coach with a fine glass of wine or cacao. Nobody judges. You turn the light music on. You need some light.

What do you do?
1. Turn the floor-standing lamp on.
2. Add table-lamp, a bit further from you, directed to the ceiling(optional!)
3. Maybe add another table-lamp, a little bit more far, directed to the ceiling(optional!).

So, as a result, you have yourself room filled with cozy warm light.
Enough to read, not too bright, not too weak. Just perfect.
And even better, you have options(!!!).
That’s the best part.
And no need for central lighting whatsoever.

Remember: avoid direct lights if you want to create romantic and soft lighting. Use lights, that are directed to other surfaces.
This way you create reflection-based lighting, where the reflecting surface becomes the source of dim light.
3 lights on scenario
And what happens when we turn  just two of them at the time?
2 lights on scenario
Or other two?
2 lights on scenario
Good and cozy and stuff.
Happy reading. Wink wink.

Dimmers. Use them to adjust the light.
(Which basically heals the previous post’s number three and number four, click here to see what were they). 
You’ve probably heard of that magic switch that dims the light to your taste?
Use them as much as you want, just remember, that they need extra cabling and lamps with extra feature of dimming.
So it’s really the best to thing of them in the beginning of the project. There are some lights though, that have that option by themselves.

So guys, these were my very best.
Wanna see what were my very worst? Just click here.

Lamps used in the scheme:
Foscarini’s Greggs click here, Artemide’s Demetra click here and finally Floss’ Copycat click here.

More scenarios and rooms coming soon.


Sooo Interiortastic.