It’s up to what you do with the space you live in. As long as it feels right. Right?
Depending on personalities people differ from neat minimalists to extreme collectors. It’s all good and it’s not architect’s job to change that.

Designers aim to adapt, filter and suggest. It’s essential to create harmony even in the most chaotic surroundings. Harmony and balance is the key.

Choose colors that look good together, no matter how crazy they are apart. If you are not sure if they do, they probably don’t. So just play mix and match till they match.

If you struggle – neutral pallet and all whites are always there for you. They can be your white canvas that highlights every little precious item.

If possible, choose natural materials. They do last longer and they do have that warmth.

Feeling adventurous? Scrap that and just trust your guts. Well, if that gets out of hand you can always keep calm and hire a specialist. Just kidding, use pinterest.

Letting your personality shine trough your home is essential. Feel free to show the true colors.

Contrasts, nuances and rhythms are your tools. Balance the hell out of them.

And use them wisely.

Mic drop.

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