June 2016

The old, the new, the borrowed and the…?


Well, you should.
Creating unique space by adding one of the following. Or all of them. Just be aware of the big picture. Be careful. But kinda brave. No. Be brave most of all. Have fun mixing and matching. Cheers.

  1. The old. I mean some classic pieces(Ultimate The Eames Lounge chair and Ottoman,1956. The iconic Egg chair by Arne Jacobsen, designed in 1958. And so on. You see where I’m heading to. Wink wink. Pricey. Timeless though.
    IKEA has it’s own timeless pieces. The relaunched 1956 Lövet table, which they have re-engineered and renamed Lövbacken.)
    Family relics work too. Dust it off, renovate if needed. The old granny’s chair or coffee table will be the true eye candy. Sweet memories included.
    That kind of old.

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If I fits I sits rule

Obviously. But there are some ground rules, or as we established, guidelines.

As I’ve already said, you can do anything with your space. Really. Sky is the limit.
As long as it fits. But the question is: does it?
If it doesn’t, there is a tiny possibility that you are an impulsive buyer(believe me, I do know how that one goes…). You have probably splurged on yet another oh so cool armchair or sooo comfy ultimate blue with red stripes and cherry on top bean bag.

I love analogies, so let’s try one here too.
Think of how you manage your wardrobe.
Some forever classic expensive basic pieces.
Some cutting edge reasonably priced bold statement pieces.
And most certainly some old goodies you are attached to, giving personality to all your wardrobe.

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More or less less is more

It’s up to what you do with the space you live in. As long as it feels right. Right?
Depending on personalities people differ from neat minimalists to extreme collectors. It’s all good and it’s not architect’s job to change that.

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